• and Get a Great Black Friday deal

How to survive the Crowds and Get a Great Black Friday deal

Black Friday, the time for shopping mayhem is yet again upon us. Malls are about to become battlegrounds on which ordinary people seek to become conquerors in pursuit of the best Black Friday deals.

If you want to participate in this year’s Black Friday shopping, you can expect massive crowds standing between you and lucrative deals. To survive these crowds and make your shopping experience, you need a strategy.

Here are 5 simple tactics to help you successfully dodge the crowds and make your Black Friday shopping experience more manageable.

Make a list and stay on path

The easiest way to maneuver through a Black Friday crowd and get a great deal is first to know exactly what you need. You do not want to run around mindlessly grabbing things and get lost in the chaos.

Before you hit the stores, do your research, make a list of items you need and those which offer the greatest discounts and print out the store’s map detailing the precise locations of specific deals.

Dress comfortably and keep calm

Shopping on Black Friday can be exhausting. You’ll have to stand in line for hours, walk through aisles packed with people and carry whatever you grab in the store. Keep yourself as calm and as comfortable as possible. Dress in nonrestrictive clothing and choose comfortable shoes that you can stand with for hours in the long queues. It would also help to do some breathing exercises and yoga as you wait for the Black Friday sales to go live.

Be polite

Treat others the way you want them to treat you. You do not want to be in the midst of an irate mob that does not like you. Discourtesy breeds conflict, arguments, pushing and shoving which takes away the thrill and joy of holiday shopping.

Bring your snacks to avoid the food courts

The food court is often a nightmare on Black Friday. You will want to avoid it like the plague. Bring your food and drinks. It will save you money and the headache of standing in another line waiting for people making ridiculous orders.

Bring a friend

 Much like going to war, you will want to bring company. The experience will not be so terrible if you share it with friends or family. They will help you go through the Black Friday ads, keep you sane amid the craziness of the day and help you carry stuff.

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