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It is November.

The Cyber Monday deals bells are ringing. Shoppers who will not make it survive on the long queues on black Friday will turn to their internet gadgets to fulfill their desires. As a webpreneur, Cyber Monday is your chance to making a wooing profit or a lovely loss. All these lies on how well you do your calculation to maximize the crazy shopping period.

With this in mind, you need to prepare yourself, and your site on handling the traffics on that day. But, do you know the following cyber Monday mistakes can cripple your online business?

a) Ignoring cart abandoners

You think cart abandoning is a typical trait in online stores. Jokers will always come to your store, do their shopping and abandon the cart. From the word go, they were jokers. So, there is no need of following them to know the issue behind the abandonment. Okay, if this is your thought, you are wrong.

While there is a percentage of jokers visiting your shop, most of the cart abandoners have a substantial reason for their actions. For instance, your website does not have a well-stated shipment procedure or lacks transaction processing.  Ignoring cart abandoners can be the best way to make your desirable losses during the Cyber Monday deals.

As such, before labeling cart abandoners jokers, you need to check the factors contributing to this practice.

b) Thinking that everybody is after discounts only

While cyber Monday discounts are the principal causes of massive shopping, they are not a preference to everyone. For your information, a large percentage sits behind their PCs on this day to seek companies offering free shipping.

 For instance, you may find a company gives a 20% discount plus a free shipping offer making more sales that one with 60% discount with paid shipping. What worries the shoppers is not the price. Instead, the concern is how the product will arrive at their doorstep.

Also, some shoppers look for additional products accompanying the initial offer.  Hence, for you to make more sales during on Cyber Monday sales day, consider offering other specials together with the discount offers.

c) Assuming PCs are the only shopping device

As the name suggests, it is a cyber-Monday.  Some webpreneurs think that shoppers will use their laptops and PC device only or go to the nearby cyber café to place their orders. For this reason, they do not bother to customize their e-commerce sites for other computing devices. Woo unto you if this is your cluster. In the current decade, mobile shopping is becoming a norm.

In fact, 2016 marked a year where more Cyber Monday deals transactions happened through mobile devices.  Hence, assuming that PCs and laptops are the central shopping devices on Cyber Monday is like walking without an umbrella, and you are confident a storm will fall.

 If you want to maximize your profits on this day, then, ensure your e-commerce site is responsive to all internet-enabled devices screen.

d) Ignoring the power of the social media

If you want to fall, overlook the power of the social media. Apart from checking for the Cyber Monday deals on the search engine, social media is the next place where offers and shoppers meet. Veteran webpreneurs feel that social media is a place for sharing memes.

But things changed.

Social media is now the next largest market for search engines. In this essence, for you to sell more on this prime day, you need to incorporate your online store with the social media. Also, you need to come up with hashtags for directing customers to your site on the D-day.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes will give you an edge over your rivals during the Cyber Monday deals.